Printed circuit board coating after the PCB mounting

Printed circuit board coating after the PCB mounting

We will be happy to advise you on the finish choice for the protection of your module from environmental influences. The coating whether performed computer-controlled or manually, is checked through optical control afterwards.



Learn more about our printed circuit board mounting:

  • SMD-mounting: Automated, exact PCB assembly even for the smallest electronic components
  • THT-mounting: Manual PCB assembly by experienced professionals.



Exact coating as required

To apply a protective coating, we have computer-controlled systems, which apply the coating precisely. Like this we are also able to provide raised coating thickness or partial omissions, such as for plugs. In special cases we can also protect your electronics by manual coating.



High level of protection due to meticulous tests

For the simplification of the visual control under UV- light, we preferentially use fluorescent coating.



Coating brings additional advantages

Electronic components can be already arranged in smaller distances during the layout phase by taking into account the isolating effect concerning clearance and creepage distances. This permits smaller modules during serial production. For higher demands, which cannot any more be fulfilled by a coating we also offer potting of the printed circuit boards or complete modules.



Environment protection and occupational safety

We are aware of our responsibility for our employees and also for our environment. Therefore, we pay close attention to the strict compliance of all protection provisions. If released by the customer, we prefer ecologically friendly coating. For the protection of the air quality our production is equipped with an extraction system.

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